The 13 Best Running Jackets of 2023, Tested & Reviewed

With options for rain, snow, wind, and a range of temperatures

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Best Running Jackets

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Sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part of running. And when the weather is less than ideal—cold, windy, rainy, snowy—that really tanks motivation. While it won’t tie your shoes, give you energy, or convince you to start your run, the right gear can make tackling the climate hurdles a little easier. One of the key pieces you need for this is a good running jacket.

The features of a running jacket will be different for everyone: Mild temperatures may be more worried about wind and rain and the water-resistant aspects, whereas winter runners will want to look for coverage and warmth. We took 27 running jackets out for weeks of test runs to find the 13 best, rating based on fit, comfort, design, durability, and value.

These are the running jackets our testers rated highest.

The Winners

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Best Overall: Lululemon Cross Chill Jacket

lululemon Cross Chill Jacket


Why We Like It: The fabric and fit span lots of weather conditions.

It's Worth Noting: The collar and zip are stiff when zipped fully.

The Lululemon Cross Chill Jacket had all of the features we were looking for, which helped it claim the best overall slot. It has four zippered pockets—two at the sides, one on the chest, and one in the back—to fit keys, energy gels, lip balm, or your gloves after you warm up. It also features a hood, wind-and waterproof material, and a soft brushed fleece lining. One of our favorite features is the thumbholes—they aren’t ordinary thumbholes, these were thoughtfully designed in a softer knit fabric, with a waterproof shell that goes over the top. You are protected from the elements, without needing to grip the less soft technical fabric—genius.

Pay close attention to the reviews as the size chart leaves a lot to be desired. There is less stretch around the hips of this coat, if you proportionally are larger in that area, you may need to size up. When fully zipped the top edge of the hood/zipper is stiff and can rub as you run—our tester added a bit of velcro to pin down that flap, but it’s good to know that some adjustment may be necessary in that area.

Price at time of publish: $198

Sizes: 0-20 | Colors: 3 | Materials: Nylon, polyester, elastane

Lululemon Cross Chill Jacket

Shape / Shannon Bauer

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Best Budget: 90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Running Track Jacket

90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Running Track Jacket


Why We Like It: The fabric, details, and features are great quality for the price.

It's Worth Noting: The jacket runs small and the larger sizes often sell out.

We won’t call it a dupe, because fabric and quality is different, but your eyes don’t deceive you if you think this jacket is a lookalike for another popular, and far pricier, style. It has the front seaming that hugs your curves, two side pockets, and a mock neck collar. This is definitely a contoured-fitting jacket but it sits nicely on the body and doesn't ride up or cling as your run. The fabric is insanely stretchy, so it moves with you. We like it for running in moderate temperatures with no rain or snow, but it also makes a nice coverup jacket for walking to the gym or a yoga class. Our tester got great use out of this and even mentioned that she purchased a second one on her own after the test was finalized because she was so impressed by the fit and huge color selection—a repurchase is the best review of all.

Many of the reviews on Amazon mentioned this jacket fitting small, which caused our tester to size up. She says she could have gone with her normal size but it would have fit like a second skin. While there is a decent size range up to 3X, the largest sizes sell out quickly and are often only available in a handful of the colors.

Price at time of publish: $39

Sizes: XS-3X | Colors: 39  | Materials: Nylon, spandex

90 Degree By Reflex Women's Lightweight Full Zip Running Track Jacket

Shape / Shannon Bauer

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Best Splurge: On Running On Weather Jacket

On Running Weather Jacket

On Running

Why We Like It: The ultra-lightweight fabric is the hero of this jacket.

It's Worth Noting: The website is difficult to navigate.

This is the jacket to buy if you want to live out your Nancy Meyers main character daydream—running on the windy, misty shores of Bar Harbour. The ultra-lightweight, breathable fabric is magical—it’s tissue thin yet top notch at keeping out the wind. The breathable fabric is also quick-drying and folds up into its own pocket—ideal for travel or storage. The hood also has some cinching along the sides that helps it conform to your head and stays put while you run.

While the weightlessness of this jacket impressed us, the website—and finding the information we were searching for was a knock against it. The site was aesthetically pleasing but not intuitive to use, such as the material tab not showing the actual fabric content, and needing to scroll and expand boxes to get more information on the features. And without tester insights, we would be left with even more questions, like how many pockets does it contain—just the one visible or are there more? We did appreciate the very clear size chart with measurements in centimeters and inches.

Price at time of publish: $240

Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: 3 | Materials: n/a

On Weather Running Jacket

Shape / Ivy Ford

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Best Water Repellant: Lululemon Mist Over Windbreaker

Lululemon Mist Over Windbreaker


Why We Like It: The amount of stretch the waterproof fabric contained.

It's Worth Noting: This is a popular style that often goes out of stock in certain sizes and colors.

This is a great three-season jacket for most of the country—four if you live in mild to warm climates. As with many jackets, the fabric is the star of the show. It has an impressive amount of stretch for being a waterproof shell, if you’ve tried other windbreakers you know they are notorious for being stiff. This one moved with the body and made it super comfortable to run in. The lightweight and breathable fabric is meant for coverage from the elements, rather than warmth, and it does that job well. Beyond the material, the jacket has three zippered pockets, thumbholes, and a hood designed for zero bounce.

Lululemon does launch new colors of this jacket seasonally, but its popularity does mean that certain sizes or colors are often out of stock. If you see a style that you love, buy it, because it may not be available in a few weeks.

Price at time of publish: $128

Sizes: 2 | Colors: 0-20 | Materials: Polyester, elastane

Lululemon Mist Over Windbreaker

Shape / Shannon Bauer

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Most Versatile: Athleta Rock Ridge PrimaLoft Jacket

Athleta Rock Ridge PrimaLoft Jacket


Why We Like It: The thoughtful design details makes this a jacket that works for many activities.

It's Worth Noting: The jacket is currently final sale and may sell out quickly.

While at first glance, this jacket may appear bulky, it’s anything but, and swiftly became a favorite for our testers. The fabric is super lightweight yet has plenty of warmth for blustery runs thanks to synthetic down insulation and a waterproof nylon. This flares out a little at the hips—great for runners who need a bit more space in that area—and fits a little longer to cover part of the butt, another gripe our tester had with the trend of cropped only jackets.

A great pick for running, we also love this jacket for hiking, walks, and to travel. The jacket rolls up nice and small to throw into a suitcase. It is also quick dry, if you get caught in an unexpected downpour on vacation. We also like that the hood was not an afterthought: It fits snuggly to the head with drawstrings to hold it in place.

Price at time of publish: $80 (originally $178)

Sizes: XXS-3X | Colors: 2 | Materials: Nylon

Athleta Rock Ridge PrimaLoft Jacket

Shape / Ivy Ford

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Best Reflective: Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket

Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket


Why We Like It: There are two ways to wear this layer.

It’s Worth Noting: The pocket zippers are delicate and prone to breaking.

The early morning or late night running warriors, which honestly might be most runners if they’re trying to get in their before or after work, will appreciate the reflective attributes of this jacket. There is reflective silver fabric stitched smartly around the coat as well as high contrast fabrics to help you remain visible in the dark. The jacket is also convertible into a vest via its built-in pack, so if your run gets unexpectedly steamy, you’re not stuck sweating it out. A water-repellant treatment also protects against the elements and this quickly became a go-to for wet weather runs.

We docked a point, because while it is water-repellent, it is not moisture-wicking—without a long-sleeve layer underneath, this jacket sticks to the skin when you get sweaty. The jacket held up well to washing and wearing, except our tester did experience some troubles with the zippers on the pockets. It may have been a one-off flaw, but both of the zippers on her pockets broke during the testing period.

Price at time of publish: $180

Sizes: XS-XXL | Colors: 1 | Materials: n/a

Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket

Shape / Sara Michael

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Best Lightweight: L.L. Bean Bright Multisport Jacket

L.L. Bean Bean Bright Multisport Jacket

L.L. Bean

Why We Like It: The inner phone sleeve is a nice touch.

It's Worth Noting: This jacket is sold in a non-inclusive size range.

This jacket is the ideal layering piece. We love that it acts as a shield against wind—the light as air fabric blocks air and rain without adding bulk. There is a back vent for breathability, a drawcord at the waist for adjustability, and mesh at the collar and sleeves that is soft against your skin. This option also has storage in spades—two exterior pockets on the front and one in the back, plus two interior pockets, including a phone sleeve that velcros closed. This is also a great jacket for early morning runs—both color options are neon with 14 points of visibility.

Our one gripe with this pick is the size range. Our tester did say it ran large for a roomier fit, however we wish there were more than four size options available.

Price at time of publish: $99

Sizes: S-XL | Colors: 2 | Materials: Polyester

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Best for Winter: Brooks Shield Jacket Hybrid 2.0

Brooks Shield Hybrid Jacket 2.0


Why We Like It: The insulated jacket is warm without being bulky.

It's Worth Noting: This is a black jacket with no reflective details.

We gave this jacket its full test in October and November and the weather wasn’t quite cold enough for it to live up to its potential—it’s a winter jacket, for sure. That being said, this jacket earned a perfect score in the fit and comfort category. Fits true to size with lots of flexibility in the sides to move and run—our runner even called it the best fit of a jacket she’s tried. It’s very comfortable with insulated material that isn’t too hefty, or make you feel like a running marshmallow. It also has ample storage with five pockets of varying sizes for your gear—our tester did note that the zippers are flimsy and a few broke during the testing period.

The big oversight on this jacket was the lack of reflectivity, most running jackets have a few strips, even if not advertised as such, for increased visibility. With black being the main color option, we wish that had been included here, too.

Price at time of publish: $160

Sizes: XS-XXL | Colors: 2 | Materials: n/a

Brooks Shield Hybrid Jacket 2.0

Shape / Sara Michael

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Best Fitted: Lululemon Hooded Define Jacket Nulu

Lululemon Hooded Define Jacket Nulu


Why We Like It: The seaming and fitted design looks great on all bodies. 

It's Worth Noting: The price is a bit steep for the features.

We chose this as our best fitted option, but we also considered calling it our most stylish. A run in the park has never looked so good. The vertical seaming in the front really snatches your waistline—TikTok even lovingly calls this the BBL jacket for its ability to sculpt and highlight the curves of your upper body. This a body-hugging design, but still fits true to size. The fabric is supremely stretchy—like that snap-to-the-body-when-you-pull-it-away elasticity—but it isn’t too tight or restrictive. We found this jacket was great for runs, and also running errands or late to brunch—we love a versatile player.

The design of this jacket is also fairly simple with two zip pockets, thumbholes, and a hood. The hood was take it or leave it—it’s not tight enough to wear while running, but may be a nice addition if you’re wearing it like a hoodie. If the hood is not a selling point for you, we recommend the original Lululemon Define Jacket or the Lululemon Cropped Define version—it will save you a few dollars too.

Price at time of publish: $128

Sizes: 0-20 | Colors: 3 | Materials: Nylon, elastane

lululemon Hooded Define Jacket Nulu

Shape / Shannon Bauer

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Best for Mild Weather: Athleta Run With It Jacket

Athleta Run With It Jacket


Why We Like It: The features—Athleta thought of almost everything.

It's Worth Noting: We’d love to see this in more colors.

Athleta is a go-to brand for us when we’re looking for new activewear—we know their styles will be smartly designed, with breathable fabrics, and quality that is worthy of the investment—and this running jacket delivered just that. The lightweight shell is water-repellant, snag-resistant, with a UPF 50+ rating and didn’t cause us to overheat on our training runs. It also has several pockets, thumbholes, and a bag it can be folded into when not in use.

This jacket does fit a little roomier than some Athleta styles—great for layering, but if you prefer a snug fit, you may want to size down. This is a classic running jacket that can suit a range of seasons and weather conditions, we only wish it came in a wide variety of colors—to match our moods, too.

Price at time of publish: $129

Sizes: XXS-3X  | Colors: 1 | Materials: Polyester, spandex

Athleta Run With It Jacket

Shape / Ivy Ford

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Best with Removable Hood: Lululemon Women's Another Mile Jacket

Lululemon Women's Another Mile Jacket


Why We Like It: The jacket has features that can be customized to your liking.

It's Worth Noting: This jacket runs slightly long.

We won’t deny that this is more of an investment jacket, but the quality and features are worth the money. The insulated fabric feels airy, yet plush, and is way warmer than you may initially think. This could even be a great winter jacket if you don’t live in the deep arctic chill. The insulation is specifically developed to be warm even if it gets wet, and the jacket is water-repellant and windproof. The jacket features two zip pockets, reflective details, and a dickie you can zip out to remove the hood, if you so choose. It’s also versatile: If we were going on an active vacation in cold weather (Iceland comes to mind) or hiking, this would be the jacket we would pack too.

We wish Lululemon size charts had more measurements listed to accurately find the best fit—they only list chest measurements, where we’ve found that the hip measurement is the most important to determining size. Our tester ordered this one size up based on reviews and she could have stuck with her original size. This jacket also runs fairly long—not so much to hinder stride, but still worth noting.

Price at time of publish: $228

Sizes: 0-20 | Colors: 2 | Materials: Nylon, elastane, polyester

Lululemon Another Mile Jacket

Shape / Shannon Bauer

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Best for Rain: Under Armour UA Storm Forefront Rain Jacket

Under Armour Women's UA Storm Forefront Rain Jacket

Under Armour

Why We Like It: The lightweight fabric will keep you cool and dry.

It's Worth Noting: We wish the size range was more inclusive.

Runners fall into two camps when it comes to weather: those who love the rain and those who only want clear skies. If you sit in the former, then a solid rain jacket is imperative. This one from Under Armour is 100% waterproof and actually repels the water, while still remaining breathable—so your sweaty skin doesn’t get stuck to the fabric. It is thin enough to be worn in most seasons—you may need to bundle up in colder weather—and the two-layer bonded fabric makes it extra durable.

It features a hood and two pockets and our tester noted that this style washed up really well—no musty sweat smell here. The jacket is also a great deal—originally $80 but you can occasionally find it on sale for $50 or $60.

Price at time of publish: $80

Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: 5 | Materials: n/a

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Best on Amazon: BALEF DWR Hooded Windbreaker

BALEF DWR Hooded Windbreaker


Why We Like It: This pick is a great deal for the features.

It's Worth Noting: The fabric is a bit stiff.

If you’re looking for a classic windbreaker, this affordable option is your best bet. With a fully adjustable hood, several large front, back, and interior pockets, and waterproof exterior, it has the elements you need for a utilitarian jacket. It also has ventilation in the back to keep you cool on your run. If you want to pack for a just-in-case scenario, it folds into itself into a neat little pouch that’s easy to stash.

We do think that the fabric is stiffer than other picks on our list, but if you’re working with a smaller budget, it’s still a nice option.

Price at time of publish: $50

Sizes: S-XXL | Colors: 11 | Materials: Polyester

Our Testing Process

The team spent hours researching and reading reviews to narrow the field down to the 27 best running jackets on the market. Those 27 were then purchased for at-home testing. Our panel of testers took each of their jackets through their paces by running in them at least twice a week for one month and washing at least once. The runners also noted temperature and weather conditions for each for their runs. Each jacket was rated on a scale of five on fit, comfort, design, durability, and value. An average for each jacket was created and only the top rated jackets made our final list.

We kept tester feedback in mind when writing our reviews as well as noted the benefits or concerns about each item. Testers wrote about notable features, like pockets, hoods, and reflective details. They also kept sizes ranges and how jackets fit in mind—did it zip easily?, was it tight around the hips?, is it meant to be oversized? All of this insight came together to create the list of the best running jackets.

Lululemon Another Mile Jacket

Shape / Shannon Bauer

What to Know About Running Jackets

Weather Resistant

Often jackets that can protect your skin from the wind and rain are key aspects. To ensure your jacket can do this, look for words like water resistant or water repellant, as well as windproof. Jackets with these features will also use technical fabrics to provide this benefit, versus cotton or other natural materials that absorb moisture. The Lululemon Mist Over Windbreaker is our pick for the best water-repellant jacket.

Material and Fit

Look for materials with technical abilities, like sweat-wicking, water-repellant, or windproof. This usually means a synthetic blend of nylon, polyester, or spandex. If you’re running in supremely cold climates, you may want to look for insulated, like the Brooks Shield Hybrid Jacket 2.0. Don’t run in a cotton jacket, especially in winter, it can hold on to moisture and put you at risk for hypothermia and frostbite.

Fit is largely based on preference, although form-fitting jackets are typically better for running as it can keep the wind and rain out. You don’t want to feel constricted, however, you should still have a range of motion in your arms and torso, and not feel like it is hindering your ability to move.

Consider that you should also dress for weather that is roughly 20 degrees warmer than the current temperature says, so you don’t overheat. This handy guide can help you figure out how many—and what kind—of layers to wear on your runs.


Running jackets can cost anywhere from $40 to $240 depending on the fabric, construction, and features of the jacket. You can expect to pay more for jackets with more pockets, water-repellant aspects, or removable features—like the hood on the Lululemon Another Mile Jacket. There is a jacket for every budget, however those looking for brand name and with all the bells and whistles can expect to pay more. Our most budget-friendly on the list is 90 Degree by Reflex at $39 and our most splurge-worthy is On Running On Weather at $240.


If many of your runs are done outside of daylight hours, you need to consider reflectivity. It can be very difficult to spot runners, especially those in areas without sidewalks, and reflective details can keep you safe. While headlamps and clip-on lights are one option, your clothing can also have reflective details. The Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket has high-contrast colors and reflective strips to ensure you’re able to be seen from all angles.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a waterproof jacket for running?

    No matter where you live, there are going to be days where it is misty, windy, rainy, or snowy. However, if you are a fair weather only runner, a waterproof jacket may not be necessary. If you run in all conditions, then it's essential. Lots of running jackets have waterproof coatings, so the real decision comes down to the weight of the jacket. Are you looking for mild or bitter cold temps? A lightweight outer layer or insulated winter option? There are options for all elements.

  • How do you wash a running jacket?

    Each running jacket will be slightly different in their care, so be sure to defer to the label for final washing instructions. Many of the jackets on our list recommend machine washing in cold water, tumble dry on low, and avoid irons and dry cleaning.

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Shannon Bauer is a senior commerce editor for the Shape brand with seven years of experience writing, editing, and producing beauty and wellness content for the top print and digital publications. She is a runner herself with four half marathons and one marathon under her belt. She tested five of the jackets on this list, including all of the Lululemon options and 90 Degrees by Reflex.

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