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The #1 key to success

I remember being in school many years ago and studying for an exam. I worked days and sometimes weeks prepping, so I would do well. But somehow that strategy got lost when 'succeeding' in the health and weight-loss area. I too often find that I haven't stocked up the mini fridge I keep by my desk with Greek yogurt, fruit and baby carrots ('no time', I tell myself, when the nearest grocery store is 5 minutes foot), leaving me heading for the vending machine when hunger pangs hit. And there are mornings I just don't set my alarm early for my workout ('I'm sure one of my kids will wake me up', I say to myself before shutting off the light). Needless to say, I miss my morning cardio. But--as we so often say in Shape--skipping the necessary prep work will set your goals back a notch. So I'm going back to a school-age mentality and making sure I put a priority on advance planning. That way, I have the tools in place to make getting an A+ in health and fitness possible.

One daily change: Spend just 5 minutes thinking about what you want to accomplish tomorrow; write a list and figure out what you need to prepare or buy to succeed. So simple, so effective.


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