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12 Goals in 12 Months


At age eight, I tried to convince my parents to ditch the backyard in our suburban home and move into New York City. Although my attempt was unsuccessful and I lived the next twelve years in Connecticut (well twelve years and 6 months if you want to count the time I spent rooming with my parents and seventeen, going on twenty-five, year old sister once I graduated college), finally, I am moving into the city! I’m not going to complain though, because if my parents had given into my persistent and, no doubt, extremely annoying, begging then I may not have started my own company four years later.

Miss O and Friends, a company inspired by drawings that I did when I was ten, is a website for girls between the ages of 8-14, which aims to help tweens build self-esteem. I realized that there was really nothing out there for young girls, and since middle school is the absolute worst time for girls, I wanted to create something that would help these girls—in particular for Miss O (my sister Olivia) and her friends—get it?… Miss O and Friends. When the site launched in 2005, I had no idea that it would become as popular as it has, but it now ranks the #3 “girls only” website, beating out competition like and

Now that I’m no longer in that college bubble and I’m in the "real world", I want to continue to grow my business, but at the same time I need to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Typically, I am that person who leaves things to be finished right up until the last minute—you could call me a serial procrastinator. But in this case I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to plan ahead. I’m going to set different goals for myself each month that focus on improving all different aspects of my life (some which will be a huge challenge for me) while at the same time working on growing Miss O and Friends. Ambitious right? You bet!

Here are the goals I'm trying to accomplish this year. Have you achieved similar goals? Tell me how you did it in the comments section.

Month 1: Move into the city
Month 2: Cook dinner every night for 1 month
Month 3: Work out at least 4 times a week 
Month 4: Meet a new person every week that helps, inspires or grows Miss O and Friends
Month 5: Finding inspiring news by reading/watching different news sources
Month 6: Support a new philanthropy/volunteer work
Month 7: Giving up three bad habits
Month 8: Read three new books a month
Month 9: Take up a new hobby
Month 10: Try a new work thing a week that scares/intimidates me
Month 11: Learn a new language
Month 12: Pay for my own vacation


About Juliette Brindak
When Juliette was 10, she started a company Miss O and Friends, which aims to help young girls build self-esteem. The company is now the #3 "girls only" website and has over 250,000 active registered users. After graduating college in May 2011, Juliette just got her own apartment, and where else would it be, but New York City.


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