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18 Miles In The Bank; Happy Monday!

How great are holiday Mondays? Not only do I get President's Day off from work, I get a break from marathon training, too. Don't get me wrong, I love running and I typically spend extra free time on the pavement, but after yesterday's 18-mile long run I've earned a recovery day. 

Winter decided it wasn't finished with the North East over the weekend, so I was back in the park in full cold-weather gear—tights, long-sleeve top, wind-resistant jacket, mittens, and hat. My run was ten minutes shy of three hours, and I was quite toasty by the end. (Shout out to my buddy Aman for hanging with me for three loops of Central Park: Thanks for the company!) 

My legs feel good today—tired, but nothing's in pain. Still, I'm hitting up the foam roller to keep them loose and to work out tightness in my hamstrings and IT band—the muscle that runs down the outside of your leg, from hip to knee. This happy-colored tube (seen here with a rope for stretching and a tennis ball) is part massage tool, part torture device. You literally use your body weight to roll out any knots or tension in your muscles. (Here's a how-to video from my Brooklyn fitness-trainer friend.) The effects are similar to a deep tissue massage—you know, the kind of rub down that hurts so good?

What are you doing on your day off? Have you ever used a foam roller?


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