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3 Cool Cocktails to Transition from Summer to Fall


I've never in my life felt a sense of depression ordering a glass of my go-to red wine, but the other night that's exactly how I felt as I realized that summer is coming to an end. You see, on that particular evening, the sky had turned an unfamiliar shade of gray and the temperatures had finally dropped.

Although this is something most living in the concrete jungle would embrace after months of stifling heat, I was unwilling to make the switch from my beloved white wine and cool cocktails back to my dark and comforting Cabernet. I couldn't believe the warm summer months I've grown to love are coming to an end so quickly.

On the bright side, and in celebration of embracing the moment that we're living in, I consulted Dex, one of the bartenders at the West Village eatery, Joseph Leonard's, to help us hold onto the months we refuse to let go of. He has optimistically provided us with a few uniquely crafted recipes for cool cocktails that promise to keep us glued to the "now." They're the perfect transition as we inch into the cooler months. Give them a try at home or pay Dex a visit at Joseph Leonard's and ask him to him to mix one up especially for you.

Note: All drink names are direct from Mr. Dex. In honor of his fun-spirited persona, I decided not to change them.

Roman Orgy
1 ounce Amaro Ramazotti
1.5 ounces St. Germain
Rocks glass

Passion Peach
2 ounces Makers Mark
.75 ounces Lemon
.5 ounces Maple Syrup
Splash of soda
Freshly muddled half peach
Strained over fresh rocks

Inner Thigh
3 ounces Breukelen gin (artisinal gin made in Brooklyn)
2 ounces fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 ounce chilled rosé
Soda float
Serve over rocks in large wine glass, with grapefruit wheel garnish

Signing Off Feeling Okay About Summer Coming to an End,

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