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3 Motivational Musts That Get Me to the Gym


As I push myself to go to the gym at least four times a week, I have been thinking about what it is that motivates me to get there. There is the obvious goal of staying in shape, which for me, means having toned muscles, good upper body strength, and the stamina to run long distances. There is always room to grow in all these areas and that desire to get better is something that keeps me going.

Another motivating factor is to relieve stress. As a co-founder of Miss O and Friends, I have a lot of responsibilities, especially considering I’m 23-years-old. From meetings, conferences, interviews, and website duties, it can get stressful at times. It’s something that I love to do and am lucky to be able to do, but there are those times when I need a good run to forget about a bad day. The endorphins help make everything better.

One factor that really gets me to the gym is my family’s history of strokes. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a major risk factor is physical inactivity. I want to make sure that I am not increasing my risk any more.

Once I’m in the gym, it’s my music that keeps me going. These are the songs that keep me motivated right now:

We Found Love- Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris
Turn Up the Music- Chris Brown
How Will I Know- Whitney Houston
Titanium- David Guetta featuring Sia
Marry the Night- Lady Gaga
Levels- Avicii
Wild Ones- Flo Rida featuring Sia

What motivates you to get to the gym? Are your motivator similar to mine or are they something totally different?


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