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3 Tools to Help You Have a Good Hair Day Every Day


When it comes to our outward appearance it goes without saying that when we look pretty, we feel pretty. And when it comes to what we use to make ourselves pretty, we have lots of choices.  Some are worth paying for and some are not.

With that being the basis of our conversation today, why not spend a little more on the essentials that are built to last and will perform over and over again? In addition to a superior haircut (a subject matter all on its own), here are the top three hair styling tools that I endorse. It's taken me years to feel comfortable promoting the female electronics hiding under my vanity, but these utensils promise to turn even the worst of days right side up.

I'm also going to cut your shopping time in half and lead you to your exclusive-online-all-about-hair-guide In my humble opinion, you won't even need to bother looking elsewhere they're reliable, offer great deals in addition to their already reduced prices and have received rave reviews from thousands of happy customers (including me!). Any company that claims that my "hair is their most important accessory and that it's their mission to make it happy" wins my love and my admiration.

Without further ado:

Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer
Why I love it: Although I have this dryer in black, anything that comes in pink is a winner with me. It's a little on the heavy side but blow drys my hair faster and leaves it looking fuller than anything else I've ever used. I love the compact size which makes it ideal for the girl-on-the-go and packing into a carry-on. You'll find these professional style hair dryers used in salons and should last you about three years making the hefty price a worthwhile investment.
What it will cost you: $159.99

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (Turbo 1" Digital)
Why I love it: I've had mine for more than five years. CHI makes a lovely product and a quality one at that. I don't have one complaint about this straightener. If it's straight hair you are looking for, that's exactly what you'll get with this device.
What it will cost you: $134.99


BaByliss Pro Professional Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron
Why I love it: Although this curling iron is a little bit on the difficult side to handle (the tip is narrow making it hard to grab a hold of) it provides the best curl to my fine-textured, very straight hair. I haven't used any other curling iron out there that helps me get the head of curly hair I've always obsessed over on other females. (It's true what they say: You always want what you don't have.) If curls are what you desire, this is the appliance for you!
What it will cost you: $48.99



Signing off Having a Good Hair Day,

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