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Up at 3:30 a.m. WORRYING!

I have a thousand things on my mind—work is crazy busy (I have a week filled with black-tie events and speeches I have to give) and triathlon trianing is on my mind (did I say I'm panicked about the open water swim??). So here I am up at 3:30 writing my speech for Wednesday—which doesn't bode well for my morning training. So I'm skipping training today and refuse to feel guilty about it.

This is the most difficult part about juggling being a mom, an editor in chief, and a woman who has goals I personally want to accomplish. I'm unable to give everything my 100 percent because there's just not enough time in the day. But it's in that acceptance that I get some measure of relief.

On a positive note, I did go this weekend to the bike shop to finish my personalized assessment. (This costs about $150 but is SO worth it!). They measure your body to your bike so you can pedal further and faster with less energy. They raised my seat, changed the position of my handlebars and brakes, and adjusted the positioning of the clips on my road shoes—-all as a result of this assessment. I was planning on riding this morning since it was raining yesterday, but I'll have to put it off until later this week. If you're doing any kind of race, I highly recommend you do this. See a picture of me, attached, on my Dolce Specialized bike at the bike shop!

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