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The 5-Minute Workout Rule...That Works!

These last few days (my son's spring break) have been rainy and cold and there's nothing I'd rather do than curl up with a pair of sweats (and sweets)...and read, take naps, etc. So it's been hard to motivate to work out—but I been using the 5-minute rule. Do something for just 5 minutes and then call it a day. And of course, 5 minutes ends up being 10 minutes and 10 minutes, 15 minutes... Once your body gets moving, you realize how much you really enjoy it! (And, as most moms know, it's a sanity saver when you're home with kids 24-7!)

So I've managed to get in some great workouts using this mind trick: 40 minutes on the treadmill in our basement (got to love looking at the washing machine and dryer while you're working out...but hey! it's something!)—one day with interval walking at inclines from 3.0 to 8.0; another day, getting in an invigorating 3-mile run. (I start training for my first triathlon in July, on April 1, so I'm gearing up for that mentally too...but more about that later this week!)

But what I'm also loving: the new Shape workout tools that we just launched (and I'm not just saying this because our Shape team of experts helped to design them!): the kettlebells are super easy to use and, since they're not metal (like most are), they just feel better when you're swinging them around. Also, if there's one thing you buy for yourself (or as a gift for a friend), try the pink zebra print yoga/Pilates/stretching mat. I LOVE mine! I've worked my way up to 2 sets of 22 pushups on the mat every day (a big accomplishment from someone who couldn't even do one a year ago!)Having these tools at home have helped me add in a little extra toning after my cardio workouts. If you haven't seen the tools yet, check them out at (you'll get free workout cards with each tool purchased, showing you the top toning moves you can do).

Anyway, enough about the Shape tools: the 5-minute mind trick works. If you're feeling like you don't want to exercise today, promise you'll just do it for 5 minutes!

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