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5 Secrets of the Fittest Bodies

Last night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with the finalists for the Wilhelmina and Shape Hot Body Search (see them here: and culled this list of great advice (while munching on salmon, salad greens, and fresh bread!).

1) EAT FRESH. Limit processed foods and stick to whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies. (This from Hot Body finalist Nerijus B.)

2) COOK AT HOME: It gives you more control over your food and your calorie intake, Kellie (a college student, soccer star, and fan favorite) told me.

3) DON'T STRESS ABOUT THE SMALL STUFF: So, you can't fit in a "workout", do what you can to be your best. It's the small things you do (eating healthy or skipping that tempting snack) that matter too. This was nice to hear from a Hot Body finalist (and motivational speaker!), Gail—who looks amazing at 45! Go Gail!

4) COOK WITH GRAPESEED OIL: It has a higher heat point, said Cordon Bleu chef, Hot Body finalist (and Kansas native) Tyler. Then save the extra virgin olive oil for things that can really be appreciated (like drizzled over salad greens...which we did last night).

5) MIX UP YOUR WORKOUT EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS: Not only do you get bored doing the same thing, but your body also gets bored. Change up your workout...and you will continue to see results, said fan frontrunner (and dad of two young kids) Alex (who also developed a cool workout program to its own music at

Anyway, I'm off shortly to help pick the winner: more on that later! But first a fashion run-through...where the fashion team shows me the best looks for our next feature story. Talk soon...

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