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90 Day Countdown

Yay!!! In about 3 months I will be going away for the first time to the Dominican for a friend's wedding. I (like every one else) want a super hot bikini body for the beach! Well as fit as I can get in 3 months! For the first time in three years I am working out daily, which has proved to be alot easier than I originally thought! Last week I just picked up and worked out and haven't stopped since. It's like an addiction everyday I need to sweat. (Following Lululemon's manifesto; Sweat once a day!)

The eating part of it is going to be the challenge today is day 1 of healthy eating! Trying to focus on the + insteand of the -s. (ie I can drink as much water as I want instead of I can't have any pop,chocolate milk etc) I will try my best to stick to it, even when the crispy turkey skin and sweet smelling pumpkin pie is calling me!! (thanksgiving is this weekend!) I will remind myself that "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"


Two things for bikini body, exercise and healthy food! Shooting for a size 5 from an 11 and from 161lbs down to 130lbs!

Go Team Me!!!


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