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Ab issues after baby...

Okay so heres the deal. I LOVE to work out! I really love lifting weights. I spend about 20 min. doin' cardio before lifting...then spend about 40 min. lifting (about 5 or 6 times a week) ending with about 5-10 min. with a cool down cardio machine. I eat very healthy. I have two very active dogs and a daughter that runs wild plus I teach massage therapy and work on a few clients every week. I'm also new to the group and the site! I LOVE IT! SO HELLO EVERYONE!

So here is my question ladies...I am really at my idea weight...i feel great. I'm very tone and look really healthy everywhere EXCEPT my abs. My daughter is 3 (so I can't really blam this on her...LOL) but ever since I've had her my mid section is just not as tight as it use to be. I'm wondering what else I can possiblly do to my workout. When I concentrate MORE on my abs they actually look worse because the muscles underneath are nice and tight but it just pushes the pouch out even more. Do you guys think I should do more cardio or something to work off that fat in the middle? I'm sooo confused. Or is it that I just have to look like this for awhile and then they will look better? Help please.

I'm very happy with my body and myself. I feel and look pretty good...but this is just very discouraging.


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