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About Veganism

So I’ve been back here at school for over two weeks and the 21-Day
Kickstart timer has run out. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I
didn’t keep it up perfectly for the whole three weeks, but also feel
that I made the best decision for me. The main reason is that
in order to get the proper nutrition on a vegan diet, it requires
quite a bit of planning ahead. My first job is as a student; my
schoolwork is challenging and my extracurriculars are time-consuming.
Needless to say, on a night when I have meetings back to back from
4:30 to 10:30, I can’t sit in the kitchen for an hour while brown rice
cooks. Here are some compromises I made:

- I kept breakfast vegan. I figure it starts off the day on a really
healthy note.

- I used soy for all milk occasions and tried out coconut-based
yogurt, which was unique and delicious! Find the right milk for you. Turns out there’s way more than soy vs. skim!

- I added eggs back in. Eggs are a power food for me—a quick, simple
protein boost. Since I wasn’t able to cook as many beans as I’d been
doing at home, this was necessary to maintain my performance level for running and yoga.

- I ate fish a couple times. For some reason around here we go out for
sushi nearly twice a week and cucumber and avocado rolls got boring really fast.

Did any of you make it to the end of the Kickstart? For anyone who
even tried it out or ate a few vegan meals a week, my hat’s off to
you! One of my guy friends mentioned yesterday that he eats meat with  every meal, and I guess I never realized how common that really is. I  think for the rest of my time at college, I want to shoot for one
vegan meal a day, and see about making a bigger transition when I

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