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The afternoon droop 1

Now that the new year has begun, there might be  some pressures at work to be more creative and productive than ever.  You start yourself up in the morning things are pretty good then you hit a wall.  I call it the afternoon droop..  Instead of having your fourth cup of coffee, go for some exercise.  Yes right there in your office, in your chair.  Start by sitting tall.  shoulders down, long neck.  Squeeze your butt cheeks together and see how much taller you get in your chair!  Take a deep breath in for five counts and out for five counts.  Pull your tummy in as much as you can. drop your arms down by you side and pump them about and eight inch distance forward and back.  If you have arms on your chair sit more forward.  Yes we are doing the 100 exercise  in your chair.  Keep pumping your arms as you breath in and out through your nose for a count of five until you reach 100 counts.  For extra credit, while your feet are pressing into the floor knees bent, squeeze your legs together from your ankles all the way to the upper inner thighs.

See if that brings your energy level back. Part two and three coming soon.





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