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afternoon droop 2

Let's add an exercise or  two to your AD 1

After you've done your one hundred put your hands by your side and push yourself up off the chair about three to four inches hold for five counts repeat hold for ten counts repeat hold for fifteen counts.  Then take on leg cross it over the other keeping equal weight on each hip.  Round your torso over the bent leg  take a couple of minutes and breath deeply.  switch sides repeat on the other leg.  The knee should be pointing out from the leg that is bent.

Sit tall and circle your shoulders forward and back four times each. Inhale press your shoulder back hold your breath as you look right and left bring your head back to center relax your shoulders as you exhale deeply.

 this will all take about five six minutes and will clear your head and wake you up.

Good to do first thing in the morning as well








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