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Am I on a runner's high?

You’ve heard it before, and even probably read it in the pages of our magazine, but that so-called “runner’s high” really exists! Maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment after finishing a race, or perhaps it’s that competitive edge that I get to explore, but every race I compete in, I just want to do more and more! (The “high” feeling is actually the endorphins released when you get a good workout in.) Not only does this keep me on track with exercising and staying in shape, but I think I feel like I’m much more focused and determined to accomplish my day-to-day duties and activities when I have a goal to work toward that keeps me fit and sane! (When I look in the mirror, I see abs now too!). That’s why as a member of the New York Road Runners organization (, I can sign up for road races all around the city and the five boroughs (at a cheaper price than non-members too) and when I’ve reached my nine race minimum (and one volunteer event too) I will automatically qualify to run in the NYC ING Marathon in November 2011. I’ve been thinking about this and if I’m going to do the marathon in the next year, I’d like to be the “eyes” for a blind participant. I still have to do my research, but I would train and compete side by side with someone who can’t see, acting as their eyes. What I’ve learned from my first big race is that you really do need support along the way, and what a better way to do this than with a partner who can lean on me and I can lean on him/her as well. I’m hooked on these races right now—with spring finally here, I can’t wait to do my next ones: the R’ Baby Mother’s Day run in Central Park on May 9th (I’ll be on our Shape team; if you're in the NYC area and want to do it with us, sign up HERE!) and the Brooklyn Half-Marathon with my best college buddy, Emily.


If you’re interested in any upcoming races in the NYC area check out—or perhaps you’d like to plan an active adventure vacation, check out which takes you on trips to Napa Valley, Colorado (in the summer!), Spain, and even Africa to trek their terrains. I just discovered this and am really excited to try to put it on my schedule!


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