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Am I seriously still doing this half-marathon?

Okay, so, I’ve fallen behind on my half-marathon training. I’m not happy about it, but every time I injure myself my confidence gets hurt too. I was on such a good schedule a few weeks ago and was feeling so good about my running, and then I was just done, just like that! And with only two real weeks of training in, and three weeks on the sidelines, I’ve got less than one month until race day. Ah, realistically, what do I do? I’ve been debating with myself whether it’s just better to give up and try again for another half-marathon (we’ve got all different ones pretty much every month in the city), but this one is part of the New York Road Runners (a running club I just joined) and I’d hate to miss their first big running event of the season—and I really don't want to commit to something and then not follow through.


I spoke to Coach Andrew Kastor, the trainer for NYRR events, and he told me that even with the little time I have left for training, I can still get prepared for race day (will my mood be in it though?). He said that in most training schedules, about half way through when you’ve hit your peak (the most amount of miles you should run before race day), you start to pull back for a bit and then pick up the intensity again as it gets closer to race day. So perhaps my three weeks of down time didn’t hurt me that much? With three weeks to go, can I really still do it? Maybe I’ll just train as if everything’s okay, and even if on race day I’ve only built myself up to 7 miles, well then I only get to 7 miles and I’ll take a break—there’s no harm in walking a bit, right? I’m doing a 5K in Central Park this weekend, so maybe that’ll get me psyched to actually do this half...where's my confidence when I need it?!


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