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Am so inspired by THIS woman

So I ran a 5K yesterday (Revlon Run/Walk for breast cancer) in NYC. I realized again how inspiring it is to do these races. Right before the race started, Oz Garcia was asking everyone to pledge to be healthy (eat 5 fistfuls of fruits and veggies a day, take 1,000 mg of vitamin D every day, and exercise regularly, he said). Halle Berry was shouting out about the fact that we can stomp out breast cancer together, the music blared and pink, red, and white confetti was shot off. Women, guys, survivors, people whose loved ones had died from cancer—were all lined up at the race start. I literally got goosebumps on my arms.

And right next to me was Deb Lippmann, who as I mentioned has come so far in striving to be her best. She's lost over 80 pounds to date (see her column in the Look Great section of every issue of Shape) and she just starting exercising over a year ago. And here she was with me (and her husband Jude) running her very first race. This part gives me goosebumps too: that a woman found the courage and inner strength to reach out and strive for the best. That's our goal, our mission (whatever you want to call it) at Shape: to help EVERY woman be the best she can be—to help ALL women live better lives.

Deb explained to me that when she turned 50, she looked at her mom with health problems and she said "I don't want to be like that. At this rate, I'm not going to age very well." And she started on her path to weight loss—and now she's a successful 5K racer. As Deb said when she crossed the finish line: "I had always looked at those Success Stories [women who've dropped the weight] in Shape and read about how they were doing 5Ks, triathlons, and said I could NEVER do that." And look where she is today. So inspiring!

I have some pics on a separate camera that I'll post tomorrow once I'm in the office. But if you've had success like Deb or have a story to tell me about this, please write!

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