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AMAZING program to Stomp Out Childhood Obesity

Last night, I had the honor of attending an amazing event, sponsored by High Voltage (aka Kathy Dolgin, a 60-year-old lifestyle coach and fitness instructor) and her organization Energy Up (make it a point to check it out on—and watch the video on the homepage). Their mission: to stomp out Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity among young girls. Their motto: I’m fit, I’m fierce, I’m fabulous! High Voltage (yes, crazy name…but watch the video and you’ll see how she got it!) works with young girls in NYC to introduce them to healthy, fresh food (no fried stuff, no processed foods); exercise, and feeling great about themselves. The result: these girls have more confidence, are healthier, and are doing better in school. Katie Couric spoke and Robyn O’Brien (author of The Unhealthy Truth and new Shape contributing editor) was honored—along with Sarah Siegel-Magnass, producer of the Oscar-winning Precious. When I spoke with Sarah, who is an incredibly inspiring, passionate mom, she is committed to helping young girls feel their best and be their best (a true Shaperole model!).


On a sidenote: when I was talking to Katie Couric and mentioned that she has an amazing figure…and that we need to get her secrets. Her joked in response: “You should see me naked!”


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