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An American President

I was running on the treadmill Tuesday night, watching the election results come in when the news station showed the crowds gathered in
Times Square. Why was I working out when so much was going on out
there, just a few blocks away? I was so inspired by the hundreds of
people cheering together that I decided to ditch the gym, and I headed
to 42nd street. (I felt so lucky to even be able to do this!) When the
new president was announced people were jumping up and down, crying,
even hugging one another and complete strangers--they were so inspired
and full of hope--I knew this night was life-changing. And it got me
thinking: You don't have to be the president-elect of the United States
to inspire people. We do so everyday at Shape by giving women advice on how they can live healthier lives and be more confident.

When I got to work today and opened up our fan mail, I started to
pay more attention to the letters from readers about how an article in Shape
changed their life--whether it helped them to finally lose weight or
help them prevent a serious health problem like skin cancer--and it made
me happy to be at a job that not only brought self-satisfaction, but
satisfaction to so many people too.



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