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Are you a mindless muncher? Day 11

If I had to pinpoint the time when my willpower is weakest, I would say it’s nighttime. I typically get home from a long day at work, hungry and needing to read to my kids and get them to bed. My attitude at that point is: “I’ve had no real time to myself all day, so I DESERVE something special.” Since I’ve started this 21-day makeover, I’ve been so much better because I have a no-sweets rule—so reaching for cookies, candy, or brownies isn’t an option. And I’ve been going to bed earlier (instead of staying up later, which is when I’m even more tired, I’ve found that going to bed early also prevents me from getting those 10:30/11 p.m. I-need-something-to-eat nibbles).

But the goal behind this program is to establish good habits that last long after our 21 days. The no-eating-while-standing up rule (that we implemented on an earlier day) is good too, as that means no snacking on cookies while I’m standing at the counter (typical for me before I started on this program).

But today, our goal is to take these good habits one step further by establishing a “no eating in front of the TV or computer” rule. All the experts point to mindless munching as the easiest way to take in more calories than you every intended. How many of you have had those moments when you look down at a plate of _________ (fill in the blanks) and said: “I can’t believe I just ate all of those!” No more.

From this day on, we’re all about eating with awareness and mindfulness! Appreciate every bite you put into your mouth and savor the taste—and no eating while doing anything else. Good luck!

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