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Off to Arizona!

Next week I’ll be in Arizona for my yearly family vacation. But this time, I’m really going to experience the Arizona lifestyle. My brother, his girlfriend, Dino and I will be taking a three-day trip to visit some landmark sights—the red rocks in Sedona, famous parks at Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon. I hear it’s cold up in the canyons right now, so unfortunately we won’t be able to walk through and camp out overnight, but I hear the train tour we’ll be taking is just as good. Where my brother lives it will be warm (in the upper 70’s!) so I’m going to enjoy the nice weather and run every morning (unlike the frigid cold we’re experiencing here in NYC). It’s nice to take advantage of the outdoors when you’re visiting a new place, because unfortunately there’s not much wiggle room in NYC to discover new running spots or do something out of the ordinary. It’s funny because where I grew up in Long Island I never felt like people were that interested in running outdoors, biking, or doing endurance sports like triathlons, as everyone is here in the City. But ever since I moved to the City my interest in these activities and sports just grew (maybe a little because of where I work); now, everyone I know enjoys running, has completed a marathon, and loves being outdoors. It’s funny how the roles seem reversed, almost makes me wish I took more advantage of the awesome running trails I had in my own backyard when I was living at home! Now, although the East River, Hudson River and Rockefeller Center are great sights to see as I’m running by, it does get kind of old seeing the same things. So when it’s time to visit a new place I always jump at the chance to get my running fix outside. So if you live somewhere beautiful I hope you’re enjoying it! Next week, I’ll be writing to you from Arizona! And if you’ve never been there I’ll post some pics too :)


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