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Back from the Caribbean!

I’m back from my vacation in the Caribbean!! It was more than I could have asked for in a vacation because not only was I away from home and on a beautiful tropical island, but my mind was rested too. Have you ever gone away and felt a little out of sorts because you actually had nothing to do? Well, when Dino and I first got to our resort we unpacked, got our bathing suits on, and made our way down to the pool—and the “wet” bar, a bar in the pool!. But, as we sat back on our cabana bed when we thought we were finally at peace, we felt a little bit conflicted...what the heck do we do now? Aren’t we supposed to do something? We’re both so used to being connected to the internet and to our jobs that letting go off all connections and ties to the outside world and our priorities felt a bit irresponsible at first. But we deserved this; if you get vacation time (which mostly everybody does) you should use it! So after getting used to the fact that we really had nothing to do and no set agenda ahead, we were loving the freedom and had the most amazing week.

This was a vacation of “firsts” for me—not only was it my first trip with Dino but it was also my first time to the Caribbean and to an all-inclusive resort (if you’re watching your pennies, saving up for a trip to the Dominican Republic is worth every cent; we didn’t have to spend a dime once we were there but we had so many activities to do that didn’t cost a thing). Although you may not think this next one is anything to rave about, this was the first time I laid in the sun and completely covered up with a high SPF (we’re talking 50-70). I always used to think that wearing a high SPF sunscreen all over my body would prevent me from getting any color, but it didn't. (I still have a really nice tan right now.) Plus, it was so hot out—you could actually feel the sun’s strong rays on your body the second you went in the sun—that I knew any part of my body left uncovered would definitely burn to a crisp; I have super sensitive skin. So besides laying in the sun, drinking lots of Pina Coladas (hey it’s vacation, we’re allowed to indulge!), Dino and I went parasailing and scuba diving (no shark sightings, phew!) and we met so many cool people that we really want to keep in touch with.

I’d have to say the best part of the vacation was learning how to let loose—I didn’t turn my cell phone on once or check my emails or even log on to Facebook. I read every single day and danced every night, without a care in the world. Now that I’m back in the office and the holidays are only three weeks away (where does time go?), I feel so well rested and understand the true meaning of “going on vacation”. I can’t wait to plan my next trip now.
























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