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Back to work with a new outlook

We’ve had off since Christmas Eve and it’s back to reality this week. It’s weird because it almost feels like I forgot how to work (I haven’t had a vacation like that since college!). Having time off was a nice reminder to myself to do things for me—to always continue doing things that I like doing. It made me realize I should be balancing my professional and personal life a little bit better. Because I don’t have kids yet, I don’t manage my time during the day to ensure that I get home in time to see my family. For me, the hours just turn into the next. But I should value my personal time just as much as anyone else because it’s time that I need to relax, unwind, and see the people that I care about too! More times than not I stay really late at the office trying to get one more thing crossed off of my to-do list. However, most of those things aren’t pressing or don’t need to get done that day and by the time I get home, I feel rushed to fit my workout in, make dinner, and spend time with my boyfriend. So in 2010, I’m actually going to value my time and do things for me (even things like taking a dance class with a coworker, going to the spa, or seeing a Broadway play). A few days off really helps you put things in perspective and have a fresher outlook on your life when it's time to get back to work. If you can’t take a week off from your priorities, you should go away for an extended weekend every other month—go with a friend or your boyfriend and do something you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll feel more focused when you get back to the office and you’ll be happy you did something out of the ordinary.

Besides that, I’m back on track with my morning runs as I’m gearing up to prepare for my next triathlon! (Even though it’s below 30 degrees here in NYC, a commitment is a commitment!) What are you doing differently so far in 2010?


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