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Be inspired by THIS blog, Operation Beautiful!!

A few months ago while I was waiting around at the start line of my second half-marathon, my best friend Emily told me something so flattering. She said that if it weren't for me, she wouldn't have thought to get into running—and now she was about to do her first race! (That was nice to hear!) Then she told me about a blog she started reading after she began hitting the pavement regularly. This blog, called Healthy Tipping Point, is about a girl, she said, who actually is a lot like ME! The blogger—Caitlin Boyle—and I are both not incredibly fast, but we enjoy running so much that our confidence easily inspires other people to get outside and run (it's true: as I convinced Emily to do so months ago, and now she’s training for the Chicago Marathon! I'm so proud of her!). It made me feel good to know that although my speed doesn't set an example, my love for being active does, and that I can inspire someone else to love running too. From then on, I became a fan of Caitlin's blog as well—I seriously read it every morning when I get to the office. She inspires ME to continue running!


I've been wanting to talk about Caitlin for a while now, but besides shouting my love for her blog (trust me, you'll be hooked once you check it out), I haven't had the right chance to bring her up. However, Caitlin's first book, Operation Beautiful  based off her other popular blog (by the same name), came across my desk the other day—and it finally hits bookstores this week (buy it here: Operation Beautiful), so no better time than now to tell you about it!!


Operation Beautiful was a motivational mission, started by Caitlin, to unite women and inspire us to continue the positive talk (no more self-criticism and feelings of failure)! “You’re beautiful!” was the first note she left on a whim in a public restroom, and it was the first of many more Post-It notes left around the world by women in all countries! Leaving uplifting notes anywhere women can see (the gym locker room, a restroom, a café, etc) is such a fun way to be a part of something good. With only a few inspiring words, you may be able to help put a smile on someone else’s face when she's having a bad day. Recently Caitlin ran a 4-mile race in Charlotte, NC and wore a “note” on her back that read, “You are epic..have a great race!.” Imagine seeing that in front of you as you’re running your first race! I’m sure it would excite you and keep you going. Now think about seeing cute quotes and uplifting messages all around the world? People might actually be much happier in general! (Postivity is contagious!)


Take a look at the photo below of the note I keep taped to my computer screen at work. It's not exactly about seeing your true beauty within, but it's something that inspires me to keep working hard everyday, no matter what I'm doing. I think we all do stuff like this without thinking, but Caitlin started a movement that can carry on—and I wish her so much success! If you have any inspiring quotes, comment below and let us know! Here’s a favorite of mine from her book: “Take a diet from negative thoughts. Fill yourself with positive ones.”













"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.  If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."


If you want to start leaving notes around the world, do it. Then take a picture and send it to Caitlin (check out her website, for more details and to read many more quotes!). And Caitlin, if you're ever in NYC, ring me up, we'll go for a run! : )














Seriously consider joining this movement. I'm giving away three copies of Caitlin's book, Operation Beautiful—and one of those winners will receive the entire collection of Post-It's new POPTIMISTIC line, in honor of their 30th anniversary!! (And, I'm putting a Post-It in a secret location around the office and sending it to Caitlin!)


Thank you to everyone for entering the contest! The lucky winners are Judy Devine, Anna Tary, and Yavette Hayward! Enjoy your book and I hope you get insprired to start posting right away :)


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