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Beauty advice from an Olympian!

Quick, what do me and Dorothy Hammill, the 1976 Olympic gold medal figure skating champion, have in common? We're both former competitive figure skaters! Ok, so I didn't get quite as far as she did, but that didn't stop us from having lots to bond over when she visited the Shape office yesterday. Having long been her fan, I had to ask her about everything from her signature hairstyle (which she humbly credited to Vidal Sassoon, saying she merely lucked into it), to who she is rooting for at the upcoming winter games (Rachael Flatt), to her fitness routine (when she can't skate she does good old-fashioned calisthenics in front of the TV), to her skincare routine (lots of moisturizer). Regarding this last point, she confirmed what I already knew: All those years in a cold rink do a number on your skin. Her weapon against dryness? Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion ($6; at drugstores). It has high levels of glycerin and petroleum jelly, which form a protective seal through which moisture can not escape, but doesn't feel sticky. It's the perfect mix of smooth, yet powerful--just like Ms. Hammill's skating.


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