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The beauty behind that exercise high

When I first started working at Shape (10 years ago), I was hired as the Beauty Director—charged with heading up all the beauty in the magazine. At that time, we had very few pages about skin care, hair care, makeup, etc in Shape. And I remember people's comments: BEAUTY in Shape...why isn't that a magazine about WORKING OUT?

And I remember saying—and still say to this day as editor in chief—people who work out (like myself) are MORE interested in beauty than any of those people who read the beauty and fashion magazines. WHY? Because when you work out, you feel amazing about yourself—whether you're 10/20/30+ pounds overweight or at your goal weight...and when you do, you want the outside of you to look as good as you feel inside. It's women who work out (and respect and take care of their bodies) who are scoping out the best ways to keep their skin healthy, who are out there trying to find the healthiest makeup, and looking for the best (and most fashionable) ways to style their hair.

We're genuinely interested in looking amazing!

In a nutshell, women who work out are tops in taking care of their bodies—from head to toe!

Anyway, was thinking about this recently as I was doing one of my early morning runs through the park.

If you read this, share with me YOUR thoughts about beauty—and how it's changed (if it has) since you have become more committed to working out. I respond to all personally!

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