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Beauty below the neck


In the world of magazines, we're constantly writing about products that are soon to appear on shelves near you. What fun would it be if you got your copy of Shape and we only told you about things you've already seen? But every once in a while, we hear about something—or become addicted to something—that's been around for a while. And although we wouldn't tell you about it in the pages of the magazine, which doesn't hit newsstands for several weeks after we write it, it's perfect fodder for our blog, which gets posted instantaneously. Take for example Softsoap's Nutri Serums body washes. They've been around since last August, but it wasn't until the weather turned cold and dry that we got hooked. These inexpensive washes ($5; at drugstores) deliver face-care-quality ingredients to your body. They come in two varieties, one for healing with skin-softening vitamin C and the other for hydrating with omega 3 fatty acids. So next time you're at the drugstore, check them out...or give them a second look. Remember newer isn't always better.


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