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Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Secret


We asked celebrity makeup artist Kevin James Bennett his secrets for helping famous celebrities achieve smooth, younger-looking skin.

The Emmy Award-winning makeup artist recently spoke with about how he improves the skin of the stars, and also how he transformed his own skin's appearance without the use of Botox (he actually gave it up!) or dishing out rolls of money for overpriced cosmetics.

"My job is within the cosmetic industry—so seeing a visible difference in my skin is very important to me when trying new products. I have access to every topical potion and procedure to rejuvenate skin. I've taken all kinds of supplements that are supposed to work from the inside out to make your skin look better and younger," Bennett explains.

"Let's be honest, I'm a skeptic because I've never seen a real difference with many of the products I have tried, and I wasn't expecting a visible change in my appearance from SeroVital, much less one that has been noticed by others. I'm over 50 years old, and after four weeks on SeroVital, I was being asked by numerous people what I was doing to my skin. Seriously? People in my industry were commenting about how great my skin looked."

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Bennett also reveals that the supplement has done such wonders for diminishing his fine lines and wrinkles that he hasn't needed to get his regular injections.

"I'm impressed. The lines around my eyes have diminished, and my overall skin texture is smoother and firmer. Here's the biggest shock—I haven't touched up my Botox in 10 months (which means it's gone), yet people are still commenting about how much 'better' I look. This skeptic has been schooled."

He also maintains that despite long hours on the set and his age, that he has a lot more energy and is losing weight.

"After using SeroVital for less than a month, I noticed I was sleeping more soundly and deeply, and in turn I was waking up more refreshed and recharged," he reveals. "By combining SeroVital with a moderately healthy diet, my stamina has increased and my fluctuating weight has actually decreased and stabilized. I'm even feeling stronger. The most noticeable (and appreciated) result has been a sharp decrease in those annoying energy slumps during the day."

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You too can look younger and achieve flawless skin. On a recent episode of his Dr. Oz show, Mehmet Oz, M.D., talked about a new study focusing on how a combination of human growth hormone (HGH) and amino acids work together as an anti-aging agent. HGH is an essential hormone produced by the body that's responsible for ramping up collagen production, the protein that helps your skin maintain its structure. As you age, HGH and collagen production naturally slow down, which can lead to thinner, looser skin. But the results of the recent study Dr. Oz cited have shown that a new product, SeroVital, can improve HGH levels by up to 600 percent. SeroVital comes in pill form and contains a special blend of amino acids that, when taken on an empty stomach, have been shown to naturally boost your body's production of HGH.



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