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The Nail Trend That Will Make Your Manicure Last Longer

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If you’ve ever wondered why your salon mani lasts days longer than when you DIY, we’ve got the answer: After each coat, every technician runs the brush (of the colored polish and the top coat) along the very tip of your nail. Why? That’s the first part of your mani to crack (especially since we text and type on the keyboard with our fingertips), so this helps seal the paint and lessen the likelihood of chipping. The only problem? It’s such a minor detail that it can be easy to forget.

Want a funky new way to remember this rule? Try the latest trend: painting the back of your nails. Meant to mimic the spiked heel of a Christian Louboutin shoe, the new Loubi Under Red Nail Colour ($45; features a long, pointed wand that lets you paint the under portion of your tips. So not only will you prolong the life of your manicure, you’ll also get to rock Louboutin—without spending a fortune. Not sure this trend is for you? Don't forget to give the tips of your nails (on the top side) some extra love to make sure your paint holds for as long as possible.

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