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Being sick is no fun

Sometimes I feel like the energizer bunny. That is, until I get sick and my body shuts down on me. Unfortunately, I've been stuck in bed for the past week--and all my weekend plans, plus my training, have had to be put on hold. I wasn't happy about this (well, who really likes being sick?) but I knew I had ignored warning signs that my body was trying to tell me; so this was my body's way of saying 'I told you so.' Although I've been training five days a week for months, I haven't changed much about my lifestyle. Working eight plus hours a day and exercising for two hours afterwards calls for some serious shut eye, something I'm not used to and haven't been giving my body. Now as I lay bed-stricken begging to my boyfriend to bring me more water and a cold cloth for my forehead (I really have the best boyfriend in the world), I realized that I literally drained myself of all the energy I try to work so hard to maintain. The same go-go-go routines that worked for me many years ago (when life was much less chaotic) aren't right for me now. I just can't skimp by on 4-5 hours of sleep a day anymore--the importance of getting enough rest is finally making sense to me.

Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I have to let my body rest if I want to participate in my triathlon, which is only two months away! Instead of staying up late reading my book or watching that show on TV until my eyes can barely stay open, I'm hitting the sack when I tell my body it's time (even if I feel like I have some more life left in me for that day). And no invite to go out will stand between me and my bed (sorry guys). From now on, sleep is going to be my new best friend.


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