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The best part of my job!

Today a group of staff volunteers and myself headed up—via the Metro North train—to Fishkill, NY (yes, what a horrible name you think…but we found out that "kill" means "creek" in Dutch so that made it a bit more palatable). We went to the Fresh Air Fund camps (, which are situated on thousands of acres—and are free to kids in the New York area from financially disadvantaged families. The girls—ranging in age from 5 to 15—were motivated and inspiring! (I'm including some pics of them....

We talked to them about the importance of eating right and taking care of their bodies through exercise—and how these things can have a big effect on self-esteem and overall confidence and happiness. Getting out into the community with the message of SHAPE is so fulfilling; we can talk about the newest research and best products and tips in SHAPE and on—but when I’m able to get to the grassroots level and answer questions and interact with people … well, that’s when the best part of this job happens. We're able to see these kids firsthand and help them make the right decisions about their bodies now.


Just had to share and putting up a few pictures from the experience…look for more in an upcoming issue of SHAPE!



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