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Best second-day styler. Ever.

I am the queen of not washing my hair; I shower daily, of course, but I've been known to go three or four days between shampoos. While this has kept my hair from drying out, my style looks pretty questionable by day three or four. But I was just at a Nexxus event where I was introduced to a fantastic product called Nexxus Thermal Volume Volumizing Heat Protection Mousse (available at drugstores; see for information). I've included a shot of myself because they used the product in my hair before the picture was last shampoo was three days ago! And if I say so myself, my 'do looks quite dandy. All that hairstylist Kevin Mancuso did was run a baseball-size glob of the mousse through my dry locks before blow drying with a big round brush. So now I know that whenever I'm running low on time (or shampoo), I can skip washing my hair—and proceed straight to styling with Thermal Volume to look positively presentable!












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