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Big Girl in a Skinny World?

Last night, I was up late catching up on my magazine reading. I came across an article in a popular fashion mag, and I was sort of annoyed at the message it was sending. “Big Girl in a Skinny World” was on trend—we’ve all felt like our body may not fit the unrealistic parameters that society, and Hollywood, has set for us—but I was bothered that this girl, slight overweight, thought she had to settle with the body that she was given. Being heavy and not fitting into “trendy” clothes was one of the reasons she’d sit at home and cry to herself at night, but no where in this passage did she say she wanted to do anything about this. She exclaimed she tried losing weight once but when “subsisting on nothing but undressed salads” didn’t work for her she gave up. This isn’t the right attitude toward losing weight and getting healthy—it’s not just about fitting into a pair of skinny jeans. It’s about becoming a healthier version of you, and keeping your lovely curves as well—exercising and eating right (and yes, you can have salads with dressing) is the combination that will help you drop pounds and give you a positive outlook toward shaping up every day.

And I’ve noticed that whenever I tried to lose weight by going on diets and eating nothing but “undressed salads,” I would become more frustrated, give up, and forget about losing those last 10 pounds altogether. But, when I make exercise a regular part of my day (even if it’s 20 minutes of cardio) I always feel better, and want to eat better, and find it easier to say ‘no’ to that bowl of M&M’s on the table. I admire this writer for learning how to find what styles and fashions look best on her body as an overweight fashionista, but she doesn’t have to make peace with the fact that she’ll never fit into a slinky dress. A commitment to working out and eating right will go a long way; and by that time maybe that slinky dress will fit after all.


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