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Birchbox: It's Like Having a Beauty Editor as a Best Friend


Meet Katia Beauchamp and Haley Barna, two girls that have something in common—their passion for beauty and lifestyle products. In September of 2010 these two ladies decided that everyone should have the opportunity to have a beauty editor as a best friend and founded the company, Birchbox.

Birchbox is simply brilliant. It is a way for gals like us to sample and buy high-end beauty and lifestyle products. Those who subscribe for a monthly delivery will receive 4-5 curated, deluxe, sample sized products that are tailored to your beauty profile. The more you interact the more personalized the experience becomes. For some it's really the novelty associated with receiving a box filled with beauty treats each month. It's the unknown. It's like opening up a mini-present to yourself with a surprise inside every month. For the real beauty addicts, it's the idea of learning about new products in a pretty risk-free environment, eliminating the investment associated with sampling new products.

I was personally attracted to the Birchbox concept when I noticed the tiny little box sitting on my co-worker's desk each month.

When she opened it, we would delve into the contents, chatting about which products she has used and which ones she was excited to try. When I received my first box, it came with some of Katia's and Haley's all time favorite products.

The contents were beautifully packaged, creating a feeling of a receiving a gift from someone who truly cared about me.

Here's the cool thing. You can subscribe to Birchbox for yourself for just $10 a month (or $110 a year). Or better yet, why not purchase a 3 or 6 month membership for one of your friends for her birthday, for your sister "just because," or for your mom on Mother's Day? What's not to love about receiving a box of beauty products in the mail?

Signing Off Thanking Katia & Haley for the Brilliance of Birchbox,


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