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Blast even more calories on the elliptical

The elliptical is hands-down my go-to workout machine. I have one at home and try to get on it as often as possible while I watch CNN (typically very early in the morning before anyone wakes up and needs me). But after using it for so many months, I find that I can't get my heart rate up above 132--no matter how many levels I increase it to (I'm aiming for the 150's for ultimate fat blasting) I let go of the handles and picked up a pair of 5-pound weights, 'running' with them. Wow. What a difference. Within a minute, my heart rate had jumped into the 140s and then in the 150s. I was sweating more--and could definitely feel my body working harder.

One daily change: Switch up your exercise routine, even ever so slightly, each time you work out. Not only will it keep you seeing results, it will keep you from getting bored!


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