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Blonde baby hair

My boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law had their first baby—a boy named Niko—and he’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! All babies are cute, but Niko has the most amazing blonde hair. As crazy as it sounds, I’m really tempted to a take a photo of him to my salon, Butterfly Salon in New York, to match it for highlights. (Although I’ve tried a ton of salons, courtesy of my job, I’ve never wanted to stick with one until I found this place..they know exactly what to do for your hair..I love it.) But I'm wondering if trying to emulate Niko’s color might even be too risky to try—I don’t want my stylist to have to bleach my locks—however I’m sure she’ll get the point and make my hair bright and beautiful like his! (Winter is here, and I did say I wanted to try a darker hue, but I just can’t resist this!) See below for a photo of Niko—isn’t he adorable?


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