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Bob Harper from Biggest Loser--Yes, I met him!!

I just met my fitness idol, Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser! If you know me, you know there’s nothing I love more than the opportunity to work out with a celebrity trainer—and since I’ve been at Shape I’ve broken a sweat with none other than Brett Hoebel, Gunner Peterson, and Bob Harper! He’s just like you see on TV—even though it was just an hour yoga class, Bob pushes you to your limits. He’s got such a soothing and relaxing way of telling you what to do and motivating you to try a little harder, that you don’t even realize you’ve twisted yourself into a pretzel coming out of warrior two position. (He’s that good! And pretty handsome I should say, so maybe you just can't help wanting to show off in front of him? haha)

Not only is Bob an awesome trainer, but just as you see on TV, he really stands for what he’s doing—helping people make changes to their lifestyle to live longer, healthier, and happier. Besides the workout, I got a personal lecture about ditching the plastic water bottle I brought with me and investing in a Brita or Nalgene bottle. I can’t tell you how many times my fiancé Dino tells me to throw out the plastic and use his water bottle, but something keeps me holding on to it (does anyone else have this sort of detachment issue with their plastic bottles?). However, when Bob gave me a talking to, I was like “Yes, sir!” and left happily with a new yoga mat, water bottle, and my very own Brita. (Check out if you're having problems parting with your plastic too.)


I even got to chat a little one-on-one with Bob and ask about some of my favorite contestants on the show—although I didn’t find out who won, he is starting season ten very soon! I told Bob that for some reason, I feel a personal connection to the show and what they’re doing to help and inspire so many people. (Perhaps personal training is in my future—and Bob gave me the encouragement that I should pursue it!) I’m sure you’re all feeling this too, but there’s definitely something stirring right now around getting healthy, eating right, and working out—and people seem to be finally listening to all the talk about obesity and eating fresh foods.










There's Bob next to me (I'm in the orange)!!


So not only am I thrilled to have met the fabulous Bob (, but I’m so inspired by him to do my part in helping people lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Is anyone else inspired to make changes?












Me & Bob :)


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