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Book Parties

Last night I went to my first book launch party--something I've only seen on Sex and the City. I met the author of Time of My Life,
Allison Winn Scotch, who is a friend of Amanda our Nutrition Editor
(I'm starting to realize everybody knows everybody in the magazine,
book, and newspaper community). It was fun to meet an actual author and
someone whose book has also received rave reviews from several Shape-ers.
Magazine editors always get sent the latest books for review before
they're published. And as the editorial assistant, they get mailed to
me (my desk looks often like a library!). Although we screen all
types--everything from diet and recipe books to stress management, and
workout guides--for new tips and expert advice, I'm most happy when
the novels arrive, especially 'chick lit' titles, like Candace
Bushnell's One Fifth Avenue or Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With. After an editor reviews a book she'll pass it off for the rest of the staff to enjoy--one of my favorite perks of the job!

Check out Allison's website to find out more about Time of My Life.


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