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Breaking free of breakouts



One of the best side effects from changing my habits has been the improvements I’ve seen in my skin. I used to get blemishes and zits all the time, but now it’s almost never. In a recent email from, I learned even more about how to change your diet to boost your complexion. For example:

•Veggies with high-water content (cucumbers, for example) are said to help clear up acne. Water flushes out clog-poring toxins, plus cucumbers have the added bonus of being cooling, which is effective in calming down the inflammation associated with pimples.

•Choose dark chocolate over the high-sugar gummy candy that lines convenience store shelves. The antioxidants in the dark chocolate work to shield your skin from free radical damage.

•Cut back on alcohol. This isn’t a problem for me, neither my husband nor I drink, but good to remember!


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