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Breaking out of my exercise rut

I’m the type of person who very easily gets into a rut: I like to eat the same breakfast every morning (steel cut oats, with different mix-ins here and there) and when it comes to exercise, I very rarely stray from home or gym workouts or my morning runs around the local park. While these are good and have helped me lose weight and body fat—I can’t say that I have TONS of fun doing them. But just recently I had the opportunity to take up tennis (with, by the way, a Shape reader whom I connected with in my hometown). It’s been at least 10 years since I played and way back then, I was a beginner…so I’m even more a beginner! Now we have a standing Tuesday night court time with a coach, who has us running all over hitting balls (most of mine, are not on the court…yet!). By the end of the session, I was sweaty and felt like I had gotten in an effective workout. Plus, every time I bent down to pick up a ball, I did a squat (how’s that for sneaking in some toning?). That night, I felt energized. The next morning I was sore (a sure sign that I was using muscles I hadn’t used in a while). Next up, dance classes!


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