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The Brooklyn Bridge

I don't get to travel often thanks to long hours at work (I'm dedicating all that I can right now to my job) and my own budgeting limitations as an assistant. But this past Saturday, my boyfriend and I packed some sandwiches, a camera, (and of course my lip gloss..yes I'm addicted)--he his guitar, and left NYC to head over to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. This was my first time walking over the bridge (I didn't even know a walk/bike/run path existed over any bridges!), which stretches a little over a mile. Upon completion in the late 1800's this bridge was considered the longest in the world--and today people avidly use it as their exercise path; with a continual uphill for more than half a mile and then a gradual decline, this is actually a great workout. Next time, I definitely plan on running over. I did feel a little bit like a tourist on this day, taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty from atop of the bridge, as the majority of the people were jogging all around me, but it was fun to do something different.

After we crossed the bridge, Dino and I checked out a famous ice cream shop, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and sat by the water to relax. When we got home eight hours later, it felt good to have gotten away (for under $10!), and see a little bit of the city I've lived in for the past year. With the economy still down and lots of people still cutting back on luxuries, especially vacations, it's a good idea to take advantage of activities to do right where you live (what's better than NYC!). Even though I was only half hour out of the city, it was a nice getaway from home for me. Next weekend, I'm taking Dino biking; he'll have to rent one, but I'm excited to show him the scenic spots I've discovered while cycling all over Central Park.

View from Brooklyn overlooking Manhattan at sunset!


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