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Burn calories, no gym necessary

This morning, I was awoken, bleary eyed, by my 19-month-old at the oh-so-early hour of 5 am--and after half an hour of trying to get her back to sleep, I realized my efforts were futile. She was wide awake and ready to start her day; I, on the other hand, was frustrated as I was sleepy--and knew I wouldn't be able to do my 5:30 workout on the elliptical catching up on CNN. But then I thought: I'll put my daughter in the stroller and go for a walk. (Don't ask why this simple idea never occurred to me before; let's just say that the idea of working out, outside, hasn't really been in my exercise repertoire.) I started to walk and then, to run--making my way to the local park and around the one-mile loop. Out and back was about 2 miles. I can't tell you how fabulous it was to be outside in the fresh air running with few people around and almost no traffic. By the time I got home, my daughter was sound asleep. Figures! (Forgive me for not including any pics; I brought my cell phone -- and realized after I had already started that my battery was dead. I'm learning I can never be on top of everything, everyday!)

One daily change: Think outside the box when it comes to exercise. Go for a bike ride after work; get your child/children in the stroller and start walking; head out for a half-hour lunchtime walk. No one says that going to a gym and/or getting on a cardio machine are the only types of exercise that count. They're not!


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