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Busy, busy brainstorming...

I've been really busy lately, but that's because a lot of good things are going on over here! As I've been at Shape for over a year, more responsibilities have been coming my way, and I'm working my butt off learning new things (like how to write proposals once a story is approved--I'll explain another time). This week we had a brainstorming meeting to discuss new ideas and suggest topics we think you should know about. For someone else, this meeting might have been as typical as anything else we do here, however--and maybe this is because I'm new and still absorbing how the writing process works--it was so exciting for me! All of the editors and myself gathered in our conference room (imagine the set of Ugly Betty and you'll know what I mean) and pitched one story each that we thought could work for Shape. We discussed each idea at length and whether it was controversial or something presently in the news, everyone found an interesting approach as to why the story should be told by us. This meeting was exactly the reason why I got into the magazine industry in the first place--the creative process behind producing one is so intriguing and I admire the editors that are able to take an idea and turn it into something good enough for over a million people to read. I can't wait for our next brainstorming meeting and if you've got anything on your mind that you think I should bring up, feel free to let me know. We love, and would appreciate, any reader feedback!


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