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Butt...more surprises


Adding something dynamic to the "rear view".

Lie on a mat flat on your back with you legs together, knees bent, and feet on the floor.  Make sure your arms are long by your side and you back is flat.  Take a thin hand towel under your feet.  Got your shoulders down and neck long?  Take a couple of deep breaths and let you body lengthen as you scoop and raise your hips off the mat.  Tummy is pulled in.  Your Buttocks and thighs are wrapped and tight. Keep your hips scooped up as you  drag your feet  in towards your body on the towel.  Your feet won't slide easily unless that towel is there. Push the feet back out to the original starting position.  Slide  or "drag" your feet in and out five or six times.  You WILL feel it in  your hamstrings and buttocks!!  A great quick fix!



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