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Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight? Day 16

Moving forward, I want you to switch out a latte or soda each day with plain green tea (no milk or sugar; use a little agave nectar if you need to sweeten it a bit). There’s been some speculation that green tea boosts metabolism and fat loss but let’s put that into perspective: studies show that if you drink about four or five cups of green tea a day (not very realistic!), you might burn an extra 60 calories daily. Some experts attribute that metabolism boost to the caffeine, but more studies need to be done.

My reasoning for adding green tea to your daily routine: you will save some calories if you substitute it for a morning latte or a sugary soda—or reach for it in the afternoon instead of a snack (but even that’s hard for me to do!). But green tea is also chock-full of healthy antioxidants, called catechins. These help get rid of unhealthy molecules called free radicals (caused by things like stress, pesticides, cigarette smoke, pollution in general, sunlight, etc) that can damage DNA and potentially contribute to cancer, blood clots, and heart disease. By starting tomorrow, you can be healthier long into the future.

My favorite green tea, Organic Green Sencha Leaf, is sold by a company called Mountain Rose Herbs (—my favorite place to buy anything herbal. It’s loose tea—and should be steeped no more than 3 minutes.

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