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Can I really learn to save money?

Right now I'm working on collecting budget tips and advice from
staffers for a story in our December issue. Although I'm just enjoying
weekly paychecks and haven't thought much about the future, besides
making sure I can pay all my newly acquired bills--eek!--I'm definitely
picking up some unique ways to stash some cash for an emergency, or to
just get by in today's economy. Here's one for you now...have you ever
thought twice before buying that shirt at Zara or J. Crew? Well, you
should--because if you go home and sleep on it and have forgotten about
it by the next day, you didn't really need it. I'm actually looking
forward to trying this tip since I know I'm an impulsive buyer. But to
save myself the worry of losing out on whatever great fashion find for
the day, I'll start with putting the item on hold for tomorrow--just in
case I do remember it. Hey, at least it's a start.

What's a unique way you've learned to save some money?


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