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Cold feet....

Embarrassing to admit, but I started getting cold feet just last week. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I definitely want to marry Dino, but, I started doubting my dress. I know, I know, how could I doubt something so simple, right? How many girls get the experience of a lifetime: personal stylist on hand, professionals picking through racks for ME at the most famous bridal store on earth, and now I’m not so sure about my dress? But you know what, regardless of any perk I’ve got at my fingertips, the one thing I know to trust most in life is my gut. As a woman, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. When your gut starts getting to you, you just know there’s something to pay attention to. Although it was difficult to admit it to myself at first, I mean I went through all the fuss of searching for the right dress, having expert help, and making a video for readers to get a sneak peak—how could I not be happy? But this is how I felt when I realized last week when all is said and done, my wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment. As sure as I am about spending my life with Dino, I want to be that sure about what I wear when I say “I do”.


I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that starting giving me wedding dress cold-feet, but it started when my mom began calling me about trying to find the perfect veil. I could never bring myself to take more than a few minutes to discuss this with her and always rushed off the phone, feeling guilty that she might detect my doubt. (She did fork over a pretty penny for my “dream gown”—the most I could do was show my appreciation for it, right?) For two weeks, I stopped flipping through bridal magazines during my lunch break, and canceled my “Say Yes To The Dress” DVR taping—god forbid I saw someone in something that I should have tried on! Plus, I loved my gown—there isn’t anything I really dislike about it. It is gorgeous, breathtaking, and just right for my body type (for those of you that checked out my video and voted—you liked it too, #6!). Yes, Jacqui is good at what she does. She truly does make women look and feel beautiful. However, there was something that stuck out about what Jacqui told me during our Kleinfeld shopping trip: you must like the way you look in every angle, because your wedding day isn’t a day that you should tell the photographer, “Please, no photos of my left side.” And with this thought in the back of my mind, I’d quickly scan past the photo I wasn’t too particularly fond of. (Thankfully my friends had taken a few pictures in the dressing room when I showed off my dress.) There were plenty of angles I loved, but something was missing when I looked at myself in this gorgeous gown. I envisioned putting a bit of tulle underneath, perhaps adding a little “poof” and I worried that when it was hemmed, I’d go from looking like a Gisele-like model, to short, little me. (Hey, I’m happy with 5’3” body, but maybe this dress was made for taller girls!) Days went by and I found myself casually texting my friends at odd hours, “Do you really like my dress,” “Is it bride-y enough?,” “No, really, was it what you’d expect to see me in?” Although no ones’ reasons mattered more than what I felt myself, I think I was hoping to hear a glimpse of doubt in their responses. “You’re being crazy,” “It’s perfect!,” and “Stop over-thinking this” was not what I wanted to hear.


Then one night last week, I stayed up until all hours of the night pretending that I was picking out my wedding dress for the first time. With a different perspective this time around, I envisioned myself in something that could turn me into a princess—something I’d never wear in any other color but wedding white. The next morning I made a few frantic calls to my friends at Kleinfeld and the following day I was in their dressing room on my lunch break, with a clip in hand of the dress I just had to have. Romantic, Victorian, lacey, and poofy…and over $11,000, it just wasn’t meant to be. But I tried on tons of styles I needed to see on and get this dress-testing out of my system once and for all. However, the consultants at Kleinfeld really have a good eye—they realized they had something that had come in the week before that no one had tried on yet (and a replica of my $11,000 pick!). Of course, when I slipped it on, it was everything I never knew I wanted in a wedding dress. Elements from my first dress and all that I thought I was missing, were mixed into this gown—it was just perfect! (Okay, I shed a few tears too. It felt like weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that my wedding dress cold-feet had been well worth it.)


Not only did I love my new dress (which I purchased before I left the store), but it was half the price too! What more could I have asked for? And although I surprised some people, all of my bridesmaids, and my relieved mom (she wasn’t that excited for my first dress apparently), they all agreed that this dress was the one for me. I’m really happy, and proud of myself too, because I went with my gut, and trusted something when it didn’t feel right. (I know we’re only talking wedding dresses right now, but your intuition is something that you should always follow in any situation in life.) I may have felt silly about being so unsure, but everything worked out!


But I wonder, have any of you had wedding-dress cold feet?


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