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The 90/10 Rule: How We First Kissed


The beginning of our epic love story is like none other.  Our eyes didn't meet across the room in a crowded bar, he didn't say a witty comment and I laughed and tossed my hair back and we certainly didn't mean to fall in love.

It just happened.  That one fateful night when he made me kiss him.

Jeremiah and I were friends for five years before we started dating.  I was in a serious relationship when we first met and he was still in his college mentality.  All that we knew from Day 1 was that we got a long really well.  Eventually my relationship ended and the first person I turned to was Jeremiah.  He was always up for anything and he would always keep my mind off of the bad stuff.  It didn't take long before we were hanging out almost every weekend.

One weekend in April, 2009 it was his birthday.  A large group of us were hanging out at his house, playing Nintendo Wii and getting ready to go to a concert.  I noticed he was extra flirty that night, but I was just rolling with it.  I figured it was his birthday and he was feeling...nice.

At the concert we were dancing and having a good time, surrounded by all of our friends.  We made it to the local haunt after the concert and continued our party.  Jeremiah and I were standing next to each other talking with friends, everyone felt the chemistry in the air.  He looked at me and I just knew what was about to happen.

It was almost slow motion the way it happened, the way he made me kiss him.  He leaned in 90% and I leaned in the next 10%...just like in the movie Hitch.  That's exactly how he planned it and that's exactly what happened.  He told me later that it was his ploy the whole make me kiss him.  When it happened, the thought had crossed my mind Why didn't we think of this earlier?

This is the first of many blog posts that will chronicle our journey from being friends to when we say our vows at the altar.  So, sit back and relax because coming down the aisle are some beautiful moments, planning mishaps, clashing personalities and the trials and tribulations it will take to look darn good on my wedding day.


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