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Amazing Wedding Cakes-My Top Ten Picks!


Even though the Holidays are over, I still have a super sweet tooth. You can imagine my delight when I received an email titled "50 Prettiest Wedding Cakes!" I'm salivating already.

My fiance and I have decided to go with cupcakes for our wedding cake--it was one of the things he requested. I can't help but admire all of these beautiful and creative cakes.

Here are my Top Ten picks from The Knot:

Petal Wedding Cake-- This is one of the cooler cakes I've seen that still has an elegant look to it. According to The Knot, the petals are made totally out of sugar.

A Purple Butterfly Wedding Cake--If I could have the girliest wedding cake ever, I would pick this one. I have an affinity for butterflies and this one takes the cake (pun intended).

A Small Red and Turquoise Wedding Cake--I hate being wasteful, and I also hate being too over the top. This cake is the perfect amount of both size and extravagance. The middle tier is covered in red roses that a big statement, the cake topper is my fave as the couple used the same one the bride's grandparents and parents used.

Simple White Wedding Cake-- I love the subtle design with the icing to make it more unique than a simple white wedding cake, and the fresh ranunculus as the only decoration adds to the sophistication.

A Two-Tiered Vintage Wedding Cake-- I like the idea of options, this couple ordered a selection of cupcakes frosted with strawberry and chocolate along with their two-tiered cake covered with white frosting. I love the pink piping, which added a vintage look to the tiers.

A Modern Blue Bird Wedding Cake--I love the hand-painted blue color of this wedding cake. The two green love birds are a cute alternative to a traditional cake topper.

An Earthy Green Wedding Cake-- I pictured this cake being cut by a bride and groom in a woodland themed wedding. The pale green flowers don't overpower the small two-tiered wedding cake that is frosted with organic buttercream...who knew such a thing existed?

A Chocolate Brown Wedding Cake--Although chocolate is popular on its own, you rarely see it in a wedding cake. This small chocolate cake is banded with light brown and accented with one sugar-made white orchid.

A Black-and-White Patterned Wedding Cake--This Parisian wallpaper inspired cake would be the perfect addition to a swank, lavish affair.

A Square Pearl Wedding Cake--This might be my favorite cake out of the whole collection, with a modern square shape the cascading sugar pearls put a soft elegant spin on this wedding cake.

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